M a g i c  P a r l o u r  W e s t p o r t

Dan O’Donoghue is back in Hotel Westport with his all-new 2013 season of Vegas Tales, Incredible Magic and gentle Situation Comedy show. The setting is a comfortable parlour and you are treated like an exclusive member to an exclusive club.


Jaw Dropping Magic
Dan’s magic happens right before your eyes, his sleight of hand and mind tricks are performed with sophisticated humour and spellbinding charm.


Rib Tickling Tales with a Twist
In Dan’s storyworld comic characters appear and perform their magic and then disappear again. If you’re not laughing it’s only because you’re too busy being astonished!


Mind Blowing
He swears he can’t read minds – then he reads your mind!
And when the mind-reading crow takes the floor prepare to be gobbledegooked!

In Dan’s hands a deck of cards is a cast of 52 characters who perform amazing things.
In Dan’s stories Westport and Las Vegas feel like neighbouring parishes.

Every Friday at 8pm (21st June - 27th September 2013)

Tickets: €15 per person (Adults and Young Adults)

BOOK NOW Call 098 25122.

or via web:

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